What is sudoku and how difficult is it?

Sudoku is one of the best and most popular numbers game that anyone can enjoy everyday. If you are someone who doesn’t know what Sudoku is yet, don’t worry. Sudoku is a number puzzle game. Sudoku is considered a brain game or brain exercise which provides players with many mental health benefits. Brainsword is a web sudoku generator with printable sudoku puzzles but we ask that you save paper and play sudoku online. The Sudoku kindgom is large with billions of puzzles each with only one solution.

Play free, daily Sudoku 247 as fun hobby that exercises a wide variety of brain functions and gives players a sense of accomplishment, achievement, and relaxation. If you are interested in the benifits of sudoku you can read more here:

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There are different levels of Sudoku.
No matter if you play sudoku at the NYT or USA today or any online sudoku site, there are different difficulties. A common misconception is that the number of starting numbers determines the difficulties. However, at Brainsword, we believe that the difficulty is determined by the level of techniques reguired to solve the sudoku. We also consider completion time and completion percentage based on real sudoku player performance.

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Easy Sudoku puzzles are great for beginners as they can be completed using simple methods.
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Medium sudoku puzzles are the next step up from easy sudoku, and are considered the average sudoku player’s preferred level of sudoku. These Sudokus are also great for advanced sudoku players who like to warm up before playing the more difficult sudokus.
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Advanced Sudoku difficulties have a variety of names. Some call them “evil” for example. Regardless of the name These are hard sudoku puzzles.
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“Expert” sudoku puzzles are more difficult than advanced or medium sudokus.
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Evil Sudoku and “Impossible” sudoku puzzles are the hardest and can even seem impossible for many sudoku players. Can you solve one?
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